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Alive + Well was created with the intention of helping women reach their full potential in every way. I've made it my goal to help those who feel lost in their health + wellness journey. I can truly say it has been so fulfilling to help women find optimal wellness via mind + body balance. If you are feeling stuck, tired or overwhelmed, know that change is possible. 

My name is Amanda and I am a Certified Integrative Health Coach. I also have a degree in psychology as well as health and wellness. After years of working in the medical field with patients suffering from traumatic brain injury as well as other diseases, I knew there was a piece of wellness missing in their treatment. At this time in life, I myself was suffering from fatigue, gut issues, skin issues and finding joy and fulfillment in my life. Something had to be done. Through the knowledge I've gained both in school and through experience, I've been able to conquer my own health ailments and truly feel a complete sense of healing via body and mind. By helping myself, I knew I couldn't stop there - I wanted to share my experience with others who were suffering with their health and wellness  so I took a leap and created

Alive + Well.


Everyone wants to be healthy and I think most of us are constantly working on losing the last few pounds, being a bit less anxious or trying a new hobby. But do you ever find yourself wondering, WHY it's not working? Why am I still so tired? Why am I not getting the results I should be by now? Why am I not finding joy in the things I once loved? I'm here to tell you, IVE BEEN THERE! I've began and quit so many things because it wasn't working fast enough or I wasn't feeling satisfied, I've tried a ton of workouts that weren't for me and my body - but the internet said it would work?! I ruled out accomplishments I knew I wanted to go after but didn't think I'd have the courage or means to get there. Thankfully, I never gave up completely. My wellness journey has taught me so many things and I'm excited to share more about my personal experiences over on my blog (so don't forget to check it out!)

I help women achieve their wellness goals that may or may not include: nutrition and physical fitness, maintaining or improving relationships, advancing in career/finances, finding what brings you joy, organization of chaotic schedules (specifically finding "me" time), overcoming a life change and much more! Finding your place in this world and feeling your absolute best is something you deserve and I'm happy to help!

Alive + Well

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