Overcoming Food Guilt

Guess what? I ate 2 Oreos tonight after dinner and didn’t feel guilty! Not worried because it’s “unhealthy” - I just wanted them, I craved them. ⠀ Guess what else? I’ve worked hard today, have been working hard for weeks. I deserve it. I know I’ll wake up tomorrow, have a nutritious, productive day and not even think about those Oreos 😊 ⠀ 🍱 yes, I did meal prep my whole week. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Oreos not included. Whoops? 🤷🏼‍♀️ ⠀ Fact of the matter? I wanted something sweet after dinner and the Oreos sounded awesome. I have a Christmas tree to take down tonight and figured why not eat a cookie or 2?! No, I didn’t buy them. They were given to me in a 🧺 of movie night essentials as a gift (kind of cool thought, am I right?!) ⠀ I don’t eat Oreos usually. With that said, if I want it, these days I can eat them without feeling bad or gaining weight. This wasn’t always the case, however. ⠀ I used to crave them a lot. Lots of junk actually. Once I figured out how to treat this cycle 🌀 I truly stopped craving those kinds of food. I had to learn about food mentality and emotional eating. Now, I just don’t feel the desire to eat them. I don’t want them. And on the off chance I do, I go for it. And it’s ok!

Agian, I didn’t always have this mindset of not worrying about what I ate. I used to count those calories and get pretty hard on myself of how I just wasted them on something that wouldn’t aid in my ideal body.

The guilt and thoughts I had sounded something like this: ⠀ “what’s the point of restriction? I should just eat what I want and forget about the whole fitness, healthy living thing” then I would give up for a few days or weeks, tell myself to get back on track, do ok and then BAM 💥 I’d “slip” up - my cycle. ⠀ Food + Mindset (should) = POSITIVE 👍🏼 •You should get to the point of understanding it’s ok to treat yourself yet remain focused, on track and “healthy” •You shouldn’t overthink and obsess every morsel of food all of the time •You should understand your body and what works for YOU ⠀ ...Yet so many women don’t. So many need support. So many try over and over again only to get discouraged and/or give up 😓 ⠀ 🗣 No one is the same and we all require support from time to time. So tell me, do you ever feel guilty when you treat yourself? Does it make you want to give up on your health goals and start over? Are you happy with your food choices? Have you overcome food fear/guilt?


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